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Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Bicycle Handlebar Rack Modification

Since the URL of my blog is, this project fits in perfectly:

It is a modification for my handlebar to hold a bike pannier on my full suspension bike:

At first let me tell you that it really works, and it's perfectly save and and the bike remains stable!
I have to tell you, because it seems bad to have such huge weight on your handlebar. I already did a two day tour in the western alps and had a lot of fun. With "fun" I mean I jumped, did drops, rode bumpy trails with huge speed.

So how did I build it?
At first I got myself a steel handlebar. That was easy, because I just needed to go to my basement and get one. My basement is full of bicycles and  parts because I steel bikes at night people gave them to me in order to get rid of them.

bicyle modification
Next I cut some steel from a hardware store and brazed and welded them together in this way:

bicyle modification

I did the welding in my local community bike workshop, where everyone can work on their bikes.
Because I am not a talented welder, I brazed the steel to the handlebar, in order not to damage it.

bicyle modification

Now it is possible to mount an Ortlieb bike pannier or similar on my handlebar.

The whole handlebar modification weights about 1.1 kilo and will not break. I tried with the full force of my arms to bend it, and I remained stable.

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