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Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

My new roadbike

So I wanted to have a touring roadbike.
After several years of collection old bike parts, I finally built this one out of 6 used bikes. 

The whole drive train consists of mountain bike components. I simply didn't want to purchase expensive road bike components. In my country there are also some steep climbs, impossible for me to climb with a road bike gear ration. The crank has 22 teeth on the smallest and 48 on the biggest gear. 
I hate lights and reflectors, but I also want to do some 24 hour biking, so this bike is my first bike legal to ride on the street. ;) 

Bikes may use the full lane. - My favorite traffic sign has to be on my bike:
Bikes may use the full lane
The whole bike including lights is about 12 Kilogramm.

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