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Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Building a Full Suspension Mountainbike Frame

Here is my newest and biggest project:

I am going to build a Full Suspension mountainbikeframe by myself.

Why? - Because building stuff is fun, and I will hopefully get my dream bike. It also saves a lot of money. There are also no comparable bikes on the market. 

What? - A Enduro Style MTB, but with a geometry which allows switching to a smaller fork and damper to do cross-country touring. As you may have seen in my other blog, I am into bicycle touring, especially in remote Asia. 

How? - With brass brazing and MAG welding. The main part of the frame is based on an old MTB Steel frame. I will cut the frame on the edges and modify the geometry. The rear swing will be made by me. 


  • Travel 160 mm front and rear
  • Switching Suspension - you can change to a light 100mm fork and a 160mm damper, and the bike will still be rideable.
  • Steel
  • 4,7 Kilo is the goal
  • The frame will have a similar geometry as my touring bike
  • Indestructible a swing bearing. - It is the bearing from a front hub. 
  • Rear Rack for touring support.
  • Frame shifters for touring


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