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Sonntag, 21. September 2014

Using my homemade bike trailer for moving across town.

This is my homemade trailer. I got it since 5 years, and hardly used it before. Now that I am moving together with my GF, I have to move my stuff about 5 kilometers to our new apartment.

First a new desk. The challenge was the big plate.

When I rode to pick up the chair, I cornered with speed and made the trailer run on one wheel. I should be more carefull.

A janitor, gave me some abandoned bikes.

I was asked to bring a ghostbike to a fatal accident location.

Finally starting to move.

My commuter bike was stolen, so I had to use  my roadbike. The glass desk was heavy, so I took extra care.

Not enough care. No idea how the desk survived.

The shaft of the trailer broke, so I had to replace it.

Good thing I had this part of a failed diy recumbend bike project at home.

It works out fine.

Time for more stuff.

I also had to redo my old appartment, so went to the hardware store.

Kind of tricky to load paint.

Another load, taken with the camera mounted on the rear rack.

Went to Ikea and the rim gave up.

I was able to get home and replace the wheel.

Damn! I had to brake hard with the empty trailer. The fork gave up, and the wheel made contact with the frame. I was thrown over my bike.

After a useless hospital visit, I collected the trailer with the broken bike. The bag is my girlfriend's, not mine.

The bent fork.

Now I had to use the shitty bike from my girlfriend. No way I would park my other bikes on the street.

Had to use my keychain to attach the trailer.

The trailer is not always needed.

Some more pictures of the moving process.

Some of my bikes.

How I attached the trialer to the road bike.

My complete workshop, including a drill press.

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

My trailer

This is my bike trailer. I made it with nearly zero budget, since I don't need it very often. It is very robust, A person can sit on it without problems. The couping device is just an u-bolt. I secure the trailer with rope for safety, but never lost the trailer so far. I'd recommend a different coupling if you cover long distances.