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Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

This is the history of my 1997 Gary Fisher bike

So here is the deal:
I wanted to bring my bike on a train and a ferry, which didn't allowed bikes. The train was the trans-siberian railway from Moscow to Vladiwostock. The ship was from Vladiwostock to Japan. I wanted to do 12 days of riding to lake Baikal, and another 40 days in Japan.

I had the idea of getting a 90ies full suspension bike, and detaching it completely and packing the bike into a bag. Luckily I found a used one for 130 Euro.
 I just needed a rear and front rack to carry my stuff when riding.
So here is the bike with the racks ready to ride:

Here we have the bike detached before the flight:
And here packed and ready for the trip:
Here we are at lake Baikal , after some days of riding through the Russian forests. The full suspension was nice to have there, but the unpaved roads and forest tracks were still hard to ride.
Back at home, I modified the rack again, to be able to hold some waterproof Ortlieb rear panniers for doing multiple day trips in the alps. 

This one did not hold too long, because I overstressed the bike too much. I had a new fork and a new rear shock attached, both with a lot more travel than originally. I rode this 90ies XC bike so hard on my local trails, that this happened over a year:
Now I am more into bike-packing than XC touring anyways, so I am over my loss.

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

36'' wheels

I just stumbled upon this thread of the MTBR board. I love this bike, for beeing that unusal. Beside the 36'' tires, the front hub was made from two hubs and a CNC connection piece.